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The Lunaluxe Cream is a skincare treatment for consumers that are struggling with wrinkles and fine lines. The remedy is offered to consumers as a trial first, leaving plenty of time for unfamiliar users to decide if the cream is the best treatment for their skin.

What is Lunaluxe Cream?

Aging is a unique experience for every individual, but it is something that no one can get away from. Most people can treat the pain and cognitive issues that occur during this time inconspicuously, but the biggest sign that you have passed your prime is the arrival of wrinkles.

Wrinkles form in the absence of the chemicals that are present in the skin during the younger years. While there is no way to trigger the processes to start again, but the Lunaluxe Cream may be able to make a difference.

The Lunaluxe Cream can be used on any complexion that has even the slightest wrinkles and fine lines forming. The treatment helps to deliver a balanced blend of essential ingredients to make the user look younger. With consistent use of the formula, it can:

  • Improve the luminous appearance on the face
  • Increase the firmness of skin
  • Boost elastin levels
  • Smooth out wrinkles

Too many people turn to the unnatural and invasive options that are usually offered in a medical facility, like plastic surgery or Botox injections. While these remedies can erase wrinkles, they will not make users look as natural as they want. The best way to treat skin is with the most natural treatments, and the Lunaluxe Cream ensures that there is no need to make any incisions or injections.


How Does Lunaluxe Cream Work?

To ensure that the Healthy Soft remedy can treat wrinkles, the formula has whole hydrogenated collagen. Most anti-aging formulas contain collagen, but the molecules are split into fragments, which renders them useless as the skin absorbs them.

With Lunaluxe cream, the whole molecules are delivered to skin, which means the collagen can actually make an impact. Collagen is required in skin to give it the supple appearance, but the process of aging leaves the body thirsty for this chemical. By reintroducing a familiar ingredient, consumers can finally replenish the needs of their skin.

In addition to the presence of collagen, consumers will find peptides to nourish the structure of the skin as well. With peptides and collagen, the skin can easily be fooled into thinking you are still in your 30s and 40s.

Using Lunaluxe Cream

The only way that the moisturizer cream can be effective is with a clean complexion. Once the skin has been washed and dried, the user can massive the remedy into their complexion. Allow the cream to fully dry before applying makeup or other products.

Pricing for Lunaluxe Cream

To purchase the Healthy Soft cream at retail price, the cost is $89.94. However, the creators of the remedy do not believe that users should have to pay for something that they have not tested on their own complexion. That is why they provide an opportunity to see the performance of the cream in a trial.

The trial lasts for about two weeks, and only costs $4.94 for the shipping and handling of the cream. During the two weeks, consumers will follow standard usage instructions to see how well their skin reacts. If there is a discernable difference, do nothing.

Once the trial is complete, the user will automatically be billed for the cream they have been using. Then, once the first container is empty, the user should expect to receive the next shipment within 30 days of the start of the trial. The recurring deliveries have the same price as the full-size bottle.

To cancel the subscription, contact the customer service team at any time.


Contacting the Creators of Lunaluxe Cream

When treating something as sensitive as the wrinkles that accumulate over time, consumers need to make sure they have all the information about the cream before their purchase. The customer service team is reachable by phone or email.

The fastest way to get questions answered is by calling 1-877-213-0993. The department is open on every day of the week except Sunday, starting at 9:00am EST and lasting till 9:00pm EST on weekdays or 6:00pm EST on Saturdays.

For consumers with less urgent inquiries, an email to should be enough.

Lunaluxe Cream Conclusion

The Lunaluxe Cream is a fantastic way to overcome the aged appearance that is holding you back from feeling confident and vivacious. While there are many treatments that are advertised nowadays, the most important part is to find the one that is right for you. Hopefully, through the Lunaluxe Cream trial, that is exactly what you will find.


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